20064 Spliced Surprise Maximus (38m)

Spliced-max-band-_2417We are thrilled that Tulloch was selected as the venue for the longest peal of Spliced Maximus ever rung.

Starting at 7.59, the band rang a challenging 11 part all the work composition composed for the occasion by Robert W Lee. The 38 methods included 20 new ones.  After a nail biting day for those of us listening, the peal came round after 12 hours and 34 minutes of superb ringing. The band emerged looking fine, if rather thirsty. Then, beer, curry and bed.

The facilities worked fine, once a can opener was located and the support team were able to wait in comfort, even managing a quick quarter on handbells during the long afternoon. I am delighted by the way the bells sounded as were the band. Thanks, of course, to the skills of Matthew Higby.