Visiting Tutors from Nov 2nd 2019

Are you an ART registered tutor? Would you like a week (preferably 2) staying in the beautiful Scottish Highlands supporting a small local band? Free accommodation is available in 2019/20 for any week commencing on a Saturday from:

Sat Nov 2nd – Sat Dec 14th

Sat Jan 4th –  Sat Jan 18th

Sat Jan 18 – Sat Jan 25th – Ken Q in Rannoch

Sat Jan 25 – Sat 15th Feb

Sat 15th Feb – 22nd Feb – Stephen B in Retreat & Chris de C in Lodge

Sat 22nd Feb -Sat 13th April

It is hoped that you would attend/lead 2 practices per week, assist with any handling tuition required and encourage use of simulator and maybe some handbells too please:-)

Please email if you are interested:-)